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intercooler intake plenum and boost tubes for leaks up to 60psi easily by disconnecting only the air filter inlet into your turbo. Troubleshoot for leaks causing high intake charge temps, low horsepower issues and poor performance all in one step. Boost leak testing is the first step after any turbo or intake maintenance and a must have for anybody serious about performance. 

The boost leak tester fits all CanAm X3 and RZR Turbo with OEM or big turbo kits. 

-The 1.75" inlet OD boot fits the OEM turbos

-The 2.25" inlet OD boot fits turbo upgrades such as the older Whalen Speed XR42 or the Dynomite with X1C covers. 

-The 3.0" inlet OD boot fits turbo upgrades such as the new Whalen Speed with X2C Covers now on the XR42 and XR54 along with all of the new Garrett Turbos or the Desert storm.


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