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High charge air temperatures are the enemy for a turbocharged engine and our High Efficiency Race Intercooler is designed to combat this problem.

  • Highest efficiency core available anywhere - denser air charge means more power!
  • High flow aluminum end tanks for much smoother flow in and out of the core
  • Race tested for durability and performance at the BAJA 1000, BITD and Lucas Offroad Series with great success
  • Testing has shown up to 40 degree reduction in charge air temperature over the OEM intercooler
  • 100% Bolt on, direct replacement - reuses OEM fan (requires minor trimming of the OEM plastic)
  • CAD engineered cast aluminum end tanks designed for maximize flow & efficiency
  • Lower overall intake temperature keeps timing optimized which in turn means more power
  • Approximately 40% larger core than the OEM intercooler
  • Includes a completed intercooler with provisions to mount OEM intercooler fan


  • High charge air temperatures are the enemy for a turbocharged engine and our High Efficiency Race Intercooler is designed to combat this problem.

    How Intercoolers Work
    Intercoolers work by reducing the temperature of the charge air from the turbo prior to entering the engine. In simple mechanical terms, cooler air is denser than hot air and denser air generates more power at the same boost pressure. From the ECU side of things, the final ignition calculation is dependent on feedback from the TMAP (Temperature Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor located on the intake manifold. This sensor measures both the pressure and temperature of the air that before it enters the engine. When racing or duning in high ambient temperatures and/or high boost pressures, as the intake temperatures climb past a certain threshold the ECU begins to pull timing to minimize the likelihood of detonation due to high intake temps which in turn reduces power. By installing our higher flow and more efficient Race intercooler, a greater amount of heat can be removed from the boosted air which creates a cooler / denser air charge for improved power while maintaining optimum ignition for more consistent power.

    Design & Testing
    Through extensive Solidworks CAD / flow analysis and real world testing, we developed a highly efficient direct replacement intercooler which removes more heat and outperforms the OEM cooler. At 3.5″ thick, our intercooler is approximately double the thickness of the factory intercooler while still retaining the OEM intercooler fan. Our testing showed a 20 degree F reduction of intake temperatures compared to the OEM intercooler. Our end tanks are cast aluminum for optimal design and strength. The inside of the tanks are polished for optimal flow while standing up to boost pressures of up to 60 PSI!. Our lengthy R&D process, stringent testing and manufacturing procedures ensure optimized results with better than OEM quality and performance.

    Race Proven
    Race Proven, these are not just words, this is how we test our products to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness. Our intercooler stood up to the most adverse conditions parts can endure and withstood the grueling challenge of the Baja 1000. It has also been proven in BITD and Lucas Off-road Series Races and helped produce many victories including a BITD Champion during our lengthy R&D process. When you purchase and install our intercooler or any product for that matter, you can rest assured that we have tested them to withstand the punishment of the off-road environment.

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