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Ca Tech's Can-Am X3 clevis tie rods are designed for demanding applications. Our tie rod kit replaces the weak OEM inner ball and socket tie rod with a fully adjustable clevis design. The inner joint is changed to a 4140 Chromoly clevis using FK JMX heim joints on the inner and outer connection. The rods are made from 1.25” Billet 6061 hex material for strength and weight savings, and are powder coated to resist corrosion. Comes with CA Tech's Lifetime Warranty and sold in a kit to service one vehicle.

-  4140 Chromoly Clevis and Pin Material
-  FK JMX Heim Joints
-  304 Stainless Spacers
-  Nitride Coated
-  Billet 6061 Rod Material

CA Can-Am X3 clevis tie rods

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